Some good advice

Some good advice for those thinkinf of compensations

  1. See a doctor immediately if you have an accident. It is important that your medical history following the accident is accurately documented to reveal its consequences from day one. Contact your doctor and let him know if you think that your accident is the cause of discomfort, pain or injury you suffer.
  2. Seek a our assistance immediately to handle your case. Any delay in claiming compensation will make it harder to prove what really happened and that your condition has been caused by the accident. Therefore, it is important to seek professional assistance from the very beginning.
  3. Don’t give up if the insurance company rejects your claim. It is far too common for people to give up and fail to receive compensation that they are entitled to. Contact us and let us work on your behalf.
  4. Remember to mention every detail of what has been bothering you each time you see a doctor. It doesn’t matter if it seems trivial, it is up to the doctor to evaluate whether it is related to the accident or not.
  5. Don’t be a hero. Often, there is more wrong with you than you think and often your ailments will not get better by themselves. Seek the aid of a doctor and contact us for assistance.
  6. Write down everything you believe is the result of the accident right away, e.g. time that you are away from work. This can make a difference when the invalidity assessment takes place. It may be helpful to keep a journal where you record when and what consequences the accident has on your daily life.
  7. Keep receipts for all expenses incurred, such as medicine, costs of visits to doctors or physiotherapists, travel costs and all other costs related to the accident. Give the receipts to your lawyer. He will assist you in getting them refunded from the insurance company in question.
  8. Contact us every time you have questions or need information on the status of your case.

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