Compensations - Assault



Were you the object of an attack? Were you struck, punched or stabbed? We are familiar with all types of attacks and assaults.

Your assailant is, in most cases, liable to pay you compensation. The amount of compensation granted is stipulated in Act No. 50, 1993 on Torts. According to the Act the assailant shall, as applicable, pay you compensation for temporary loss of incomepain, permament injury and permanent invalidity if you suffer any permanent injury as a result of the attack. Additionally, the assailant is liable to refund your medical costs, such as doctor’s bills and medicine. The same applies to other financial loss, such as damage to clothing or possessions.

In most cases, the largest part of the compensation is for
pain suffered 
which is awarded in accordance with Article 26 of the Act on Torts. This compensation usually ranges from ISK 100,000 to 500,000, depending on how serious the injury caused is, but can be considerably higher if the assault results in major bodily harm.

If you have suffered a serious assault you may be entitled to have a lawyer appointed to assist you by the police or the courts. The assistant safeguards your interests while the assault is being investigated by the police and subsequently before a court if the assailant is charged. The assistant’s fee is paid by the government. In some instances, if a lawyer assists you in submitting a claim for compensation he will demand that the assailant pay the lawyer’s fee. 
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If an assault is serious you may also be entitled to receive your compensation from the government. Your lawyer will claim damages from the government on your behalf. The government then claims payment from the assailant.

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