Compensations - Car Accident


Car Accident

Did you have a car accident that was followed by persistent pain in your neck or back? Did you suffer a bone fracture or internal injury? Receive a head injury or paralysis? These are all types of injuries common in traffic accidents which with we are familiar and are experienced in claiming compensation for.

Perhaps you thought the pain would disappear? Unfortunately, people far too often have persistent pain in the neck, head, shoulders, back or even legs that they try to ignore, assuming this will disappear and they will return to normal health automatically. Things may not always turn out that way, however. Here you can find  some good advice if you think you might be entitled to claim compensation.

Perhaps you thought you weren’t entitled to any compensation because you caused the accident yourself? That is a common misconception. In most cases the cause is not relevant. Take a look at this information on the normal process of claiming benefits.We are here to assist you.

Compensation for personal injury suffered in traffic accidents is settled in accordance with Act No. 50, 1993 on Torts. Compensation is paid for, if any such loss is suffered, pain suffered, permanent injury and permanent invalidity. The amount of compensation is usually several million Icelandic krónur (ISK).

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