Compensations - Work-Related Accident


Work-Related Accident

Employees are insured while working and, should they suffer injury, are entitled to claim compensation from the employer’s insurance company.

If a work-related accident is caused by factors for which the employee or co-workers are responsible, compensation can be claimed from the employer or his insurance company based on Act No. 50, 1993 on Torts. In most cases such compensation is higher than compensation paid by health insurance. This applies e.g. when a work-related accident is the result of mechanical failure, insufficient guidance, insufficient instruction or mistakes by co-workers.

If an accident occurs at sea, fishermen and sailors are entitled to full compensation without having to establish any fault on the part of the employer or co-workers. Here you will find information on how the claim for compensation is handled.

Each case is unique so don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions. Normally, only one interview with a lawyer is needed to get a good idea of whether you are likely to be entitled to compensation.

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