Accident compensation

Have you been involved in an accident?

Personal injuries caused by accidents often involve serious consequences. For that reason, it is important to be compensated for the personal injury. We recommend everyone who have been involved in accidents to seek immediate medical advice, so the injuries can be documented promptly. It is also important to seek our advice as soon as possible, so that we can initiate the claiming process immediately.

Great experience

We have a great experience in collecting compensation and offer our services to individuals who have been involved in accidents. We are experienced in litigation proceedings in all of Iceland’s courts. Our clients can rely on a professional service from talented lawyers who strive to reach the best outcome in each case. Our team is specialized in tort law and will explain your rights and collect the compensation you are entitled to.

Don’t worry about the cost

Your first interview with us is always free of charge, which means that to inquire what your right is costs nothing. Our fees – which are paid afterwards – are result based, which means that if you receive no compensation, no lawyer fees are paid. In most cases there is no need to pay for our assistance whereas our fees are settled when you receive the compensation. Most of the lawyer fees are usually paid by relevant insurance company. The fees are usually in proportion with the collected compensation.

Compensation - overview


Many individuals have life insurance, which means that their next of kin often have a right to a compensation from the life insurance.

Car accidents

We have a decades-long experience in collection compensation for clients who have personal injuries due to car accidents, and it does not matter if the accident was their fault or not.


Children who are involved in car accidents or spare time accidents have the same right to compensation as adults.

Spare time accidents

Accidents often happen in the spare time and in that case the injured individual has a right to compensation from its insurances.

Work accidents

Employees are insured by their employer and have a right to compensation if they are involved in a work accident.

Accidents at sea

Fishermen have a right to compensation if they are involved in an accident at sea.


Are you a victim of an assault? Were you hit or stabbed? We have experience of assaults of all kinds and will help you to claim compensation.

Medical errors

If you have a personal injury due to a medical error, you might be compensated.


Have you been involved in a different kind of accident? Do not hesitate to contact us and we will advice you on your right to compensation.

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